Welcome to Roving Foodies

What happens when you take a multi-award-winning farm-to-table chef and her world-renowned poet husband and set them loose on a farm? Well, keep watching and I guess we will see!

Got Roved?

Our mission when we first thought of creating Roving Foodies was to shine a light on restaurants who were supporting local farms. Unfortunately, we found that it was a pretty brief list of places factually doing this. So, we decided we needed to back up a step and find local farmers who are doing things right by growing food sustainably. This way we could spotlight them and hopefully inspire individuals and chefs to take advantage of ethically grown local food.

As seasons change, we will rove various parts of the country in search of these farms. As we visit the farms, we will make a video of the farm, write a blog post about it, and add them to the farm list page. Chef Shelley will also do an instructional cooking video showing you how to use the fresh ingredients we got from that farm.

If you know of a sustainable farm that should be roved, please use our contact page to let us know about them. And if you know of a true farm-to-table restaurant (not just a marketing ploy), then we want to know about them, too. That way when we come to your town, we can feature both the farms and the restaurant(s) that support them.

Your Rovers

My name is Chef Shelley Jaffe and I am the co-founder Roving Foodies.

I chose food as my art at the age of 18 months old while watching my great, great aunt make a lattice top pie. By the time I was 10 I was cooking dinners for my sister and my single mother. In my teens, that same great, great aunt, along with my grandmother, helped me hone my cooking and baking skills, while my uncle taught me how to garden. Throughout my teens I spent my summers working in Farmer Pritchett’s fields, and my evenings and weekends cooking and baking for the family, often using fresh, local ingredients.


Poet Larry Jaffe

Born in the Bronx, in the shadows of Yankee Stadium. He slapped the doc and pinched the nurse much to his own delight and the chagrin of his parents, thus shaking the rafters of baby boomers one and all. Jaffe heralds in a new era of neo-urban metrics. His words defy gravity even when painted on walls. They are shadows written on the bunkers of evil. He lets no villain go unscathed. He is a new kind of poet…

Contact Us

We would love to be in touch with you as an interactive partner and “Rover” of Roving Foodies. We will keep you up-to-date about our various exploits and we welcome your feedback and input regarding any sustainable operation you may encounter. Just fill out the form and we promise to not bog you down with unwanted drivel. Thanks in advance. We love our Rovers!