Got roved?

Winter through spring is the best time to rove Florida, not because of the beach or the tourist attractions, but because of the farms. It is the height of the growing season here in Central Florida and there are so many places to rove that Chef Shelley took up the position as Chef in Residence at Our Permaculture Farm in Brooksville while we roam about.

Our Permaculture Farm isn’t your typical farm. You won’t find fields with tilled rows of crops. You won’t even find a tractor. What you will find is what is called a food forest and an amazing farm that is working with nature to grow some pretty incredible edibles.┬áRather than planting in rows, food grown here grows in layers like it would in nature. There are fruit trees with herbs, food-bearing shrubs, and root vegetables all growing under the canopy. It seems that almost everywhere you go here food is growing right under your feet. It is an abundance that is quite amazing!

Koreen Brennan is one of the owners of the farm and of Grow Permaculture, an organization teaching people how to consciously design human systems to increase quality of life, while healing the environment. On the farm, this translates into growing food in a way that works with nature, rather than against it. She is an extremely passionate person who really lives what she teaches, and it is an amazing adventure to have joined her and Steve here on their farm.

Koreen and Steve will be joining us on our first Podcast which we will be recording next week. If you would like to find out more about sustainable living, check out this free introductory course available on their website. https://growpermaculture.com/store/free-introduction-to-permaculture-course/